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Katys Church was built on Vandine property in the late 1800's by German immigrants who had relocated to the area. Because the closest Lutheran church was 15 miles away - and horse and buggy were the primary mode of transportation - Widow Catherine Vandine's church was well received. She herself attended services there until her passing at 87 years old. Several years later, her grandson granted possession of the church to its board members.

Since its closing in 1969, the urban legends surrounding Katys Church have given birth to increased incidences of vandalism, tales of hauntings, and even a horror novel. But, as with most legends, these tales are simply not based on fact. The only haunting comes from the young people in search of an adventure who are being fined for trespassing and destruction of private property.

But 40 years later, it is a time of rebirth for Katys Church, with services now being held on the second Sunday of each month. And the once popular church festival is back too, with its wonderful home cooked food and fellowship. Restoration of the church - made possible by monetary donations and volunteer help - is also moving quickly forward with a new alarm system already installed, and roof work, a paint job, and shutter repair to be completed in the near future.

Author, Cris Plevyak Michaels, has begun gathering information for a book about Katys Church. She is searching for photographs, family history, and anecdotes surrounding the church's 140 year legacy, and would appreciate hearing from any one that might have information to share. All research materials would be returned and credited where appropriate. Proceeds from the book will go to the Katys Church Preservation Fund. You can contact Cris through email -

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